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Home School Book Review news, 3/2016

Home School Book Review Blog ( https://homeschoolbookreviewblog.wordpress.com/ ) has over 3,200 book reviews, primarily of children’s and youth literature, from a Biblical worldview.

Books reviewed in February of 2012 include:

February 29, 2016–Fifteen Miles from Heaven: One Hundred Vignettes Relating to the Restoration Movement

February 24, 2016–A Treasury of the World’s Best Loved Poems

February 23, 2016–The Warrior from Rock Creek: Life, Times, and Thoughts of F.B. Srygley, 1859-1940

February 22, 2016–Poems: Arlington Edition (Whittier)

February 21, 2016–Josiah for President: A Novel

February 20, 2016–The Day of the Triffids

February 19, 2016–Selected Works: Volume One, Poetry (S. V. Benet)

February 18, 2016–Library of World Poetry

February 17, 2016–The Complete Poetical Works (Burns)

February 16, 2016–The Poetical Works (Tennyson)

February 15, 2016–The Collected Poems, Complete and Unabridged (Robert Frost)

February 12, 2016–Brothers of the Wild North Sea

February 11, 2016–The Adventures of Matthew and Andy: Genesis

February 9, 2016–Snow-Bound: A Winter Idyl

February 5, 2016–The Best of Kin Hubbard: Abe Martin’s Sayings and Wisecracks, Abe’s Neighbors, His Almanack, Comic Drawings

February 4, 2016–Leaves of Grass

February 1, 2016–Celebrations of a Nation: Early American Holidays

The winner of our Book of the Month Award is:


The Adventures of Matthew and Andy: Genesis by Steve E. Upchurch.

Books that we are currently reading and will review in the near future are:

Dorothy’s Double by G. A. Henty

The Soldier’s Cross by Abigail J. Hartman

Dune by Frank Herbert

Idylls of the Field by Francis Arnold Knight

The Book of Dun Cow by Walter Wangerin Jr.

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