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East Hebron School, Hebron, NH


East Hebron School, Hebron, NH

Hebron, in Grafton County, NH, was formed in 1791 from a portion of the extinct township of Cockermouth and from a portion of what was then called West Plymouth.  Although as subsistence farmers they never had a lot of money, the residents of the new town were able to support a church and a school.  Early reports say that there were as many as nine schools in the town at one time.  However, the first official report in 1880 shows only five schools in operation, most of which held only one term per year, varying in length from 7 to 11 weeks. In the late 1880s the number of students diminished and the town school board decided to consolidate the students into two schools, the Village School and the East Hebron School which opened in the summer of 1888 with 17 students.  By 1898, East Hebron was holding three terms of school.  In 1942, the small school population at East Hebron forced its closure, and the remaining students were sent to the Village School.




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