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More about Ted Cruz and homeschooling

What does Ted Cruz think about homeschooling? See for yourself.


Here’s more about Ted Cruz and homeschooling

Ted Cruz, Homeschooling, S.306, Dishonesty and Pig-Ignorance
Red State, February 12th, 2016

What is circulating now is a story that Ted Cruz supports the federal regulation of homeschooling. There are two underlying causes of this story: rank dishonesty and pig-ignorance.

Let’s set the baseline. Ted Cruz supports homeschooling. (So does Marco Rubio, btw.) His support has been full, clear, un-nuanced, and unequivocal.

Not all states, however, are supportive of homeschooling. And there are areas within certain states where the decision to homeschool your child will be accompanied by anonymous allegations of child abuse/neglect and a visit from Child Protective Services.

The crux of the issue: the Coverdell Education Savings Account.

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