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Sherry School, AuGlaize Village, Defiance, OH

sherry school

Sherry School (School No. 7)

AuGlaize Village & Farm Museum

12296 Krouse Road

Defiance, OH 43512

Auglaize Village, located on Krouse Road off US 24 just 3 miles west of Defiance, OH, was founded in 1966 when Mrs. Charles Mansfield, in memory of her late husband, donated the funds that were used to purchase the first 40 acres that held the large red barn now known as the Mansfield Museum/ Street of Shops.  It is operated and maintained solely by volunteers of the Defiance County Historical Society, a nonprofit organization founded in 1953 with over 60 years of preserving the past for the future, using donations from the public.  Numerous buildings have been built by the volunteers or moved from their orginal building sites with several more being planned for the Village in an attempt not only to restore a village with buildings typical of rural northwest Ohio in the early part of the nineteenth century, but also to provide a setting where the visitor becomes uniquely involved in the recreation of history.  AuGlaize Village presently consists of 41 new, restored and reconstructed buildings (circa 1860-1920). Some of the buildings on display include: a cider mill, a cane mill, sawmill, doctor’s office, blacksmith shop, a church, one room school house known as Sherry School or School No. 7, Miami & Erie Canal Lock-keeper’s house, railroad station, village cook shed, two log cabins, barber shop, general store, telephone company building, post office, steam barn, smoke house, and even a two-hole outhouse!  Also found at the site are museums housing farm implements, steam engines, and other early vehicles of transportation, as well as military equipment and uniforms, along with natural history and archaelogy displays. Completing the array is the Mansfield Museum – a huge red barn that is home to the Street of Shoppes, the Hall of Appliances, and an old-fashioned homemade ice cream parlor.


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