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It happened here in Illinois

September 22, 2015
Officer Gives Family Intrusive Questionnaire
Scott Woodruff (HSLDA)

Before the 2014–2015 school year began, a Quincy area family withdrew their child from public school in order to homeschool him. Soon afterward a truant officer came to their house. He said he was just checking on the child, since the family’s homeschool program was not registered with the state. The family explained that homeschoolers are not required to register, and the truancy officer said he knew that.

He then handed them a questionnaire to answer. Its self-described purpose was to determine whether the family’s program was “at least commensurate with the standards of public schools.” It asked for the education level of the parents, whether their child had been classified as a special education student, how many minutes of instruction were provided daily, and what subjects were being taught. It asked for any other information that might be helpful “in determining the success of your child.”

What happened? Read more:



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