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Pepple School, Lanterman Park, Bridgeport, IL

Pepple School, Lanterman Park, Bridgeport, IL. 


Pepple School is a one room schoolhouse originally constructed in approximately 1892 serving the community of Bridgeport, IL, continuously until 1948. The school and Dr. John Frank Schrader’s Office were relocated to Lanterman Park in Bridgeport, for preservation in 1976 by the Lawrence County Bicentennial Commission and are operated by the Lawrence County Historical Society.  The desired goal is to utilize these historic buildings as a site for educational field trips for local schools, and to bring to life the actual conditions and common practices of life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Due to lack of funding, both historic buildings were in need of substantial renovation.  A few years ago, the Society raised money to purchase shingles to re-roof the school building.  A roofer then graciously volunteered his labor to support the cause.  Contained within this structure are period schoolhouse furnishings set up as it would have been when it was in use. The Historical Society feels that educating youth about the past is an important goal of the organization. Experiencing how a child of 100 years might have been treated by a doctor, or how a one-room school differed from today’s high tech classroom, will help students understand and interpret events and developments of the past. But more than just shingles are needed to preserve the buildings if they are going to be used for future educational purposes. Both buildings need to be repainted and the doors need to be secured if the furnishings are to be preserved.




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