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21st Century Homeschooling

Consisder this advice and insight from Mimi Rothschild, who is one of the foremost proponents of online homeschooling, using the Internet for all of its value to parents who wish to teach their own children and want the input of a “school” as well. Her article is entitled “21st Century Homeschooling.”

21st Century Homeschooling

by Mimi Rothschild, Jubliee Academy

Gone are the days when children sit still all day long passively being fed endless words and numbers written in white chalk on a blackboard. Children in the 21st century are growing up in an environment packed with media and technology: Television, music videos, video games, CD’s, DVD’s, the Internet and computers. They are immersed in a very stimulating high-tech existence and are afforded the opportunity to become selective in what draws and keeps their attention. Compare a hard cover encyclopedia on the shelf with the online version that boasts sound, video clips, and an electronically searchable database. Not only is the latter more stimulating, but it also makes finding information quicker and easier. Harnessing the best of these opportunities and offering them to students in a controlled and comprehensive manner only serves to improve and strengthen their learning experience.

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