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Little Red Schoolhouse, Easton, MD

PHOTOS BY LIZ ANDREWThe Little Red Schoolhouse is the only one-room schoolhouse in Talbot County that is still kept in its original condition.


The Little Red School House (circa 1890), Longwood Road, Route 662, Easton, MD 21601 (410-770-8050)

The Longwoods Schoolhouse is a little red schoolhouse built in 1887 and open until 1967.  Students from the first to the sixth grade were taught in one building. Lessons like social studies could be taught all at once but things like math and reading would require the students to be broken into groups. Students were assigned different types of homework as well. Talbot County used to have more than 60 schoolhouses because most students had to walk to school.  Although Longwoods isn’t the only remaining schoolhouse, it is the last functioning one.  It has been restored and now serves as a museum where fourth grade students get to experience what a day in school was like in the early 1900s. The building is owned by Talbot County, but the Historical Society of Talbot County offers the Longwoods One-Room School Program at the old schoolhouse. When the students first enter, through separate entrances for boys and girls, they have to put on nametags of actual students who attended the school and for the rest of the day the students have to answer to that name.  Textbooks from the early 1900s were used in developing the program so that students learn from short stories and texts from that time period.  A paper “Lesson Book” is passed out to students when they enter the classroom and is used for reading, grammar, math and practicing handwriting on “slates.” One of the lessons taught is a comparison of prices for items such as bread, cheese, and butter in the early 1900s and the prices for it today. Students also get to look at a map of Talbot County from the early 1900s and find local buildings.   For many students the highlight of the trip is using the functional outhouses located behind the school.  There is a pot-bellied stove in the back of the classroom in which kids would have to come early and get the fire started. The American flag only has 45 stars and students discuss which states were not a part of the Union.  For more information about the program, call 410-822-0773 or visit www.hstc.org.




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