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The Little White Schoolhouse, Ripon, WI



The Little White Schoolhouse, 305 Blackburn Street, Ripon, WI, is a simple frame schoolhouse, built in 1853, but it holds a powerful history.  On March 20, 1854, a decision was made in this building by a small group of Ripon citizens that changed the future of this nation. Acting on their convictions, and having the courage to stand firm to their beliefs, these men and women of Ripon voted to form and become members of a new political party that would be called “Republican.”   The building was designated a National Historic Site in 1974. A complete restoration and conservation was completed in 2007.  Today, as the birthplace of the Republican Party, Ripon’s Little White School House stands as a museum where a group of people first gathered to change the political climate of the United States. Visitors will learn about the founding of Ripon and what school was like for children in the 1850’s. The Schoolhouse offers a prairie educational experience in which elementary grade students participate in an 1850’s school simulation.  To visit the School by special arrangement, call the Ripon Chamber of Commerce at 920-748-6764.





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