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Where Is The “Real” World?

Where Is The “Real” World?
By Michael and Mary Leppert

Michael and Mary Leppert wrote “Where Is the ‘Real’ World?” after growing weary of hearing non-homeschoolers talk about how their children were being raised to avoid the “real” world – which is not real at all, but is a fabrication of Madison Avenue and mass consumerism.

The article begins:

“If you homeschool your kids, how will they ever experience the “real” world?”

Is this a familiar question? The matter of “real” world compatibility is one that we have thought about a lot, and after “homeschooling” our son to adulthood, it has definitely resolved itself in our minds: We know we have done the right thing by homeschooling our son, because we have kept him in the real world. In our case, the homeschooled life that often feels disorganized and chaotic has provided our son with experience in business, experience dealing with folks of all ages and numerous hard days of REAL life.

There are many homeschoolers who live as we do, starting their own businesses, working out of their homes and living lives like Colonial Americans did. One of the many frustrations that I, Mary, hear a lot is from moms who feel that very little academic work gets done because their kids spend the whole day helping with grocery shopping, cooking, helping siblings, doing household chores, etc. What better experience with real life is there?

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