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12/14 Bible story

December, 2014

New Testament Stories My Daddy Told Me


By Wayne S. Walker

After Paul and Silas had been released from prison in Philippi, they and their company passed through the nearby cities of Amphipolis and Appolonia and finally stopped in Thessalonica where they found a synagogue of the Jews.  As was his custom, Paul went in and spoke to them from the Scriptures for three Sabbaths.  He talked about how it was predicted that the Messiah, or Christ, would suffer and rise again from the dead and then affirmed that since Jesus fulfilled these predictions, He is the Christ.

Some of the Jews were persuaded, along with a great multitude of the devout Greeks, including many prominent women, and a group began gathering with Paul and Silas.  However, the Jews who were not persuaded became envious and found some rabble-rousers in the marketplace who gathered a mob and set the city in an uproar.  They attacked the house of Jason, who was probably one of those who followed Paul, hoping to catch Paul and his company there.  When they did not find them, they dragged Jason and some other believers before the rulers of the city.

The accusations made to the rulers were that Paul and Silas had turned the world upside down, that Jason was harboring them, and that the whole lot of these people were acting contrary to Caesar because they were saying that there is another king named Jesus.  When they heard these charges, both the rulers and the crowd were troubled, so they took security from Jason and the others, but let them all go.


  1. How many cities are named through which Paul passed on his journey from Philippi to Thessalonica?
  2. Where did Paul go when he came to Thessalonica?
  3. How many Sabbaths did He speak to the Jews there?
  4. Did anyone believe him?
  5. What was the reaction of the unbelieving Jews?
  6. Whose house did they attack?
  7. What did they accuse Paul and Silas of doing?
  8. Against what person did they charge the believers with acting?
  9. What was the reaction of both the rulers and the crowd to these things?



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