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Dec., 2014, news about Home School Book Review

Home School Book Review is the place for book reviews, primarily of children’s and youth literature, from a Biblical worldview.  The URL address is: https://homeschoolbookreviewblog.wordpress.com/ .

Some of the books reviewed in November of 2014 include:

November 22, 2014–With One Heart, with One Voice
November 20, 2014–Spoon Boy
November 19, 2014–The Pier at the End of the World: A Tilbury House Nature Book
November 18, 2014–The Secret Galaxy: A Tilbury House Nature Book
November 16, 2014–God So Loved: Studies in the Gospel of John, a Tribute to Ferrell Jenkins
November 15, 2014–The Cloister and the Hearth: A Tale of the Middle Ages
November 14, 2014–A Dog Called Kitty
November 13, 2014–A Tribute to Melvin D. Curry, Jr.
November 12, 2014–Kentucky Adventures
November 11, 2014–Resurrection!: Essays in Honor of Homer Hailey
November 10, 2014–Letters and Sermons of T. B. Larimore, Volume I
November 9, 2014–Campbell and Controversy: The Story of Alexander Campbell’s Great Debates with Skepticism, Catholicism, and Presbyterianism
November 8, 2014–Works of Elder B. W. Stone, to Which Is Added a Few Discourses and Sermons
November 7, 2014–Never Miss a Sunset: A Heartwarming Story for the Entire Family
November 6, 2014–He Looked for a City: A Biography of John T. Lewis
November 1, 2014–Taking Care of Terrific

The Book of the Month Award goes to:


Kentucky Adventures by Amy Barkman

Books which we are currently reading and will be reviewed soon include:

The Raft, the River, and the Robot by L. B. Graham;

Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead by Anne Morrow Lindbergh;

The Glass Mermaid by Susan Clymer; and

Fable Weaver by Carlie Gernhart


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