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“Encyclopedia Dad”

Andrew Pudewa is a homeschooling dad of seven, director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, and a very popular workshop presenter at homeschool conferences all over the U.S.

In an article entitled “Encyclopedia Dad” he writes:

Although Encyclopedia Brown is famous for what he did know, Encyclopedia Dad is famous for what he doesn’t know. Knowing so little, how did I earn that nickname? You may have guessed it — by my pernicious habit of stopping whatever I’m doing, leaping out of the chair, and bounding over to the bookshelf to grab a volume. Most commonly, this occurs at dinnertime — so much so in fact, that I’ve threatened to replace the dinner dishes in the buffet hutch with the 2002 World Book set. “Platypuses can’t be mammals if they lay eggs!” My children issue the challenge. I leap. I search in Volume “P.” I find proof! Platypuses are indeed rare mammals that do indeed lay eggs! For some strange reason, this type of exchange just makes my day.

Read More at http://www.homeschoolnewslink.com/blog/?p=752

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