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High School Math

High school math is one of the more difficult subjects that many homeschool parents, especially those of us who are mathematically challenged ourselves, to teach.

Becky Cooke and Diane Kummer, HSLDA High School Consultants, wrote an article entitled, “HIGH SCHOOL MATH: HOW DOES IT ADD UP FOR YOU?” It begins:

Dear Friends,

If you are graduating a senior this month, congratulations! It’s a milestone in your teen’s life, but also an achievement in your life, too. We appreciate the time and effort you’ve invested in your teen, and we pray that the Lord blesses you both in this next season. (Watch for an upcoming article in HSLDA’s Court Report magazine that will provide ideas and reflections on life after homeschooling.)

For those of you continuing to teach high school in September, it’s likely that you are in the midst of choosing the subjects you will teach. In previous newsletters, we’ve discussed high school English, science, foreign language and history. In this edition of the newsletter, we’ll cover everyone’s favorite subject – math! Are those groans we hear?

For some homeschool parents, high school math is a bother, irritation, or blight. Strong words for such an innocuous subject. Let us help by suggesting another perspective of math in light of the benefits, resources and supplements, and teaching options available.

You can read the entire article at:



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