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Preschool Is A Stupid, Boring Waste Of My Time!

Diane Flynn Keith’s “Preschool Is a Boring Waste of Time” is a hilarious look at more absurdity from the public school world.

The article begins:

Recently, a reporter from a parenting newsmagazine called me and requested an interview for an article to be titled, “Homepreschooling Preschool.” “Homeschooling preschool?” I asked in disbelief. The reporter assured me that I had heard correctly. She wanted to find out why some parents opt out of institutional preschools to teach their toddlers and little ones at home. I agreed to talk with her and was barraged with questions. Why should parents homepreschool instead of sending their kids to preschool? How do parents know if they are qualified to teach their preschooler? Wouldn’t a certified teacher be better qualified to teach a preschooler? Wouldn’t a school have better resources and more stimulating activities than a home? What can parents do to stimulate their preschooler’s learning at home? Where can parents get preschool curriculum? What are some of the drawbacks to homepreschool? Will a homepreschooled child be accepted to Kindergarten? What about socialization?

You can read the rest of the article at:


Diane is the Editor of Homefires, the Journal of Homeschooling Online, http://www.homefires.com


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