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The Rage of Leftist Book-Banners

Laurie Higgins received several nasty replies to her recent article about book-banning librarians; here is her response:

The Rage of Leftist Book-Banners
Written By Laurie Higgins

In response to last week’s article on Banned Books Week, multiple homosexuality-affirming websites have been apoplectic about the five hypothetical books I mentioned, particularly the hypothetical picture book about a bird who experiences joy when, after the deaths of her fathers, she is adopted by a father and mother.

These websites make two errors: They twist what I actually said (no surprise there) and ignore the fact that I wasn’t recommending any of the hypothetical book ideas. Rather, I was wondering aloud whether librarians would apply consistently their own anti-book-banning propositions. I was wondering if they would request those kinds of stories in order to fill gaps in their book collections. I was wondering if librarians would include stories in their book collections with which some children may identify but that convey ideas “progressives” don’t like. I was suggesting that “progressives” engage in a more absolute form of “book-banning” than the kind of which they accuse conservatives.

You can read the entire article at the following website:


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