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Aug., 2014, news from Home School Book Review

Home School Book Review Blog ( http://homeschoolbookreviewblog.wordpress.com/ ) is the place for book reviews, primarily of children’s and youth literature, from a Biblical worldview.

There are currently some 3,011 posts which can be searched by title, author, or category.

Some of the books that were reviewed in August, 2014, include the following:

August 23, 2014–Frightened Fawn: Animal Emergency #8
August 22, 2014–The Phantom Tollbooth
August 21, 2014–The Dandelion Seed’s Big Dream
August 20, 2014–The Prairie That Nature Built
August 9, 2014–For Instruction in Righteousness: A Topical Reference Guide for Biblical Child-Training
August 8, 2014–Princess Cupcake Jones Won’t Go To School!
August 7, 2014–The Family Under the Bridge
August 6, 2014–Take My Hands: The Remarkable Story of Dr. Mary Verghese
August 5, 2014–How’s Inky?: A Porcupine and His Pals Offer Some Highlights on Happiness
August 4, 2014–Chocolate Fever

Each month, we announce a Book of the Month award. For Aug., 2014, the award goes to:


How’s Inky? by Sam Campbell.

Books that we are currently reading and will be reviewed in the near future include:

A Biography of James A. Garfield by William M. Thayer
Bob, Son of Battle by Alfred Ollivant
Missing Since Monday by Ann Martin
Quest for the Nailprints by Don Furr


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