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July, 2014, news from Home School Book Review

Home School Book Review Blog ( http://homeschoolbookreviewblog.wordpress.com/ ) is the place for book reviews, primarily of children’s and youth literature, from a Biblical worldview.

There are currently over 3,000 posts which can be searched by title, author, or category.

Some of the books that were reviewed in July, 2014, include the following:

July 31, 2014–Timothy of the Cay
July 28, 2014–A Peep Behind the Scenes
July 27, 2014–Courageous: Students Abolishing Abortion in This Lifetime
July 25, 2014–Memo: To Myself When I Have a Teenage Kid
July 23, 2014–Rani in Search of a Rainbow
July 20, 2014–Tom, The Bootblack or, The Road to Success
July 19, 2014–He Heard America Sing: The Story of Stephen Foster
July 14, 2014–The Adventures of Mr. Mocker
July 12, 2014–Dear Papa
July 11, 2014–Fox in a Trap
July 8, 2014–Summer at Steller’s Creek
July 7, 2014–Tom’s Midnight Garden
July 5, 2014–A Hogan for the Bluebird
July 1, 2014–Solving Family Problems

Each month, we give a Book of the Month Award. For July, it goes to


Summer at Steller’s Creek by Anne Clay Cernyar. A Peep Behind the Scenes by Mrs. O. F. Walton and Tom the Bootblack were close runners up.

Books that we are currently reading and will be reviewed in the near future include:

A Biography of James A. Garfield by William M. Thayer
Bob, Son of Battle by Alfred Olivant
Andy Smithson: Disgrace of the Unicorn’s Honor by L. R. W. Lee
The Family Under the Bridge by Natalie Savage Carlson


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