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Broughton Schoolhouse, Providence Prairie, McCleansboro, IL

Broughton Schoolhouse, Providence Prairie, McCleansboro, IL.

You are invited to Providence Prairie, a farmstead located in scenic rural Southern Illinois. Within driving distance of Chicago, Illinois; St. Louis, Missouri; Paducah, Kentucky; and Evansville, Indiana– the way to Providence Prairie winds down a dusty gravel road past patches of wildflowers, through wooded acres and tilled farmland. The Mark and Rhonda McDaniel family has taken a step out of the typical run of the mill lifestyle in lieu of a back to basics way of living. The world looks different from their perspective. Their homestead is an ongoing process of trials and triumphs in pioneer activities, enhanced with technology available today. They are carving and forming their farmstead from the wooded lots and prairies of their ninety acres, nestled alongside a leg of the historic Old Goshen Trail.

Their journey is chronicled throughout their newsletter, the Prairie Proclamation, available by subscription. Visitors are invited to take a step back into a simpler life. Or folks can peruse the pages of their website and share in their struggles and blessings. Whether people are looking for interesting innovative homestead ideas, wanting to purchase registered Nubian goats or Jacob sheep, needing a piano tuned, or desiring to receive private music lessons, their journey begins here. The McDaniels traveled from Pricetown, Ohio, to Arizona where they looked around for an old house in the country to fix up. They found out that there weren’t any houses in the country, and there were hardly any old houses. They liked Arizona, but they decided it wasn’t for them. They traveled on to Texas, and there were more old houses, but they didn’t suit them.

They traveled on to Illinois for a quick stop. They had to leave soon for Christmas with their relatives. After they went to Ohio, they came back to Illinois. They bought a vacant piece of property around McLeansboro, Illinois. It has one hundred acres of land on it. They like their farm and say it is a nice piece of property. The dad is employed at Hamilton Memorial Hospital as the lab director. They go to Dale Christian church. They like it there. It is a nice church. This family must be happy with their farm because they have been playing and working a lot on it. It is located in rural Hamilton County, Illinois, with the address R.R. #2, Box 337A, McLeansboro, IL 62859. For more information, call 618-773-4380.



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