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Union School, Yorkville, IL

Union School, Lyon Farm, East Route 71, Yorkville, IL, between Yorkville and Oswego. The Union School, District No. 42, was built in 1847 by subscription. It was originally located on Wheeler Road in Nau-Au-Say Township. Pupils came from as far away as Plattville, four miles south. The first teacher was Dr. William P. Richardson, a graduate of Harvard, who taught the first winter for no pay. The school was moved to Lyon Farm at the Kendall County Historical Society museum complex in 1976. The Lyon farm is the pride and joy of the Kendall County Historical Society. In 1974, Mrs. Frances Lyon donated 39 acres of her farm to serve as and its artifacts. A large bequest by Mrs. Mae Dunbar along with the support and contributions of the many members and friends of the society have made it possible to restore many of the old farm buildings to their original outward appearance, and to establish display areas within. There are several buildings of historical interest that have been moved to the farm, and are displayed on turn of the century Dunbar Lane. The Oswego House, a two story farm house, the one room Union School from Na-As-Say Township, Corrigan Brother’s General Store and post office from Platteville, the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Depot from Plano, the old Yorkville City Hall, and many more interesting buildings and artifacts may be found there.

William Kellogg, another Union School teacher, became governor of Louisiana in 1866. Kendall County is located in the north central part of Illinois and was established in 1841. Yorkville is the county seat. The Kendall County Historical Society was chartered in 1907 to preserve the history of Kendall County and to provide historical education for the county’s residents. The historical society has no paid staff, nor does it depend on support from any governmental agency. Operating income is derived from memberships, regular and memorial donations and our research material and sales of books and miscellaneous items. The everyday business of the organization is handled entirely by volunteers. The Historical Library/Archives are located at 7935 Rt. 71 Yorkville. A trip to the Lyon Farm is fun for the whole family. Each year the Kendall County Historical Society holds special events at the Lyon Farm which draw visitors from all over. The farm is only open to the public during these special events or by appointment, but those who are interested in using the farm on other dates can contact the society for more information at 630-553-6777 or contact@kchs.us.



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