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Children’s books need censoring

John Clayton operates DoesGodExist.org and publishes a bimonthly magazine of the same name. One may not always agree with his old earth creationism, but he usually has some interesting and useful comments. The following item appeared in the Nov./Dec., 2013, issue of the magazine.

CHILDREN’S BOOKS NEED CENSORING. We have published children’s books for many years. Our series of 15 books for elementary children show that God’s wisdom and design is seen in his created things. Meghan Cox Gurdon has been reviewing children’s books for the Wall Street Journal since 2005. In a recent article in Imprimis magazine, she indicates that recent books for children and young adults push violence, bloodshed, rape, and abuse in the name of telling kids what to expect, what life is, what culture is, and how we are expected to behave. Some of the books she describes have been accepted by School Library Journal meaning they have endorsement for inclusion in school libraries. One consequence of our society’s rejection of God and of Christian values is that material pushing anti-Christian values and immorality have a smooth passage to the minds of young children. Parents need to be aware of this and look carefully at what their children are given to read. Gurdon’s article is available at imprimis.hillsdale.edu/file/archives/pdf/2013_07_Imprimis.pdf.


I had read the article by Meghan Cox Gurdon in Imprimis and found that she made many good points.


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