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Leopold Koželuch and an Oboe Concerto in CM


Leopold Anton (Jan Antonín) Koželuch (June 20, 1747–May 7, 1818) was a Czech composer and music teacher who was born on June 20, 1747, in the town of Velvary, north-west of Prague in Bohemia , now the present-day Czech Republic, the son of the shoemaker Antonín Bartholomäus Koželuh. The composer Jan Antonín Koželuh, who was Kapellmeister of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague for almost three decades, was his cousin and for a while his teacher. He was baptized Jan Antonín, but to avoid confusion with his cousin, he changed his name to Leopold Anton in 1774. While studying law in Prague, he continued his music educastion in the 1770s with František Xaver Dušek (1731-1799). In 1771 he contributed his first work, a ballet, to the National Theater in Prague, and in the coming seasons wrote 25 successful works for them.

In 1778 Kozeluch went to Vienna, where he was likely for a short while a student of Johann Georg Albrechtsberger, and soon established himself as composer and teacher. Already after this short while, Kozeluch had also entered the ranks of acclaimed pianists. The imperial court gave him the position that had belonged to Georg Christoph Wagenseil as teacher to the blind pianist Maria Theresia von Paradis, the Archduchess Elisabeth of Württemberg, the daughter of Maria Theresa of Austria and first wife of Emperor Franz II. Also, among his famous pupils was Marie-Louise, daughter of the Emperor and Napoleons second wife. He was offered Wolfgang Mozart’s position as court organist to the Prince Archbishop in Salzburg when Mozart left that office in 1781, but refused; it went to Michael Haydn instead. He did however accept the position of Imperial Chamber Conductor and Court Composer in Prague that Mozart’s death left open in 1792. He experienced during his lifetime acceptance of his work in all of Europe; in his last years however the criticism that he was too prolific became heard more often.

In 1784 Kozeluch had founded his own publishing house, the ‘Musikalisches Magazin,’ later managed by his younger brother Antonín Tomás. Koželuch left around 400 compositions. Among these there are about thirty symphonies; several overtures; serenades, partitas, and divertimenti; dances and marches; twenty-two piano concertos, including a concerto for piano four-hands; two clarinet concertos; twenty-four violin sonatas; sixty-three piano trios; six string quartets; other chamber music; operas; ballets; two oratorios; nine cantatas; various liturgical works; lieder; keyboard sonatas and other pieces; arrangements of Welsh, Irish and Scottish folksongs; secular arias; choral pieces; and part songs. His works are currently cataloged using Postolka numbers, after the work of the musicologist Milan Poštolka. Leopold Kozeluch died in Vienna on May 7, 1818, aged 70. Concerning an anonymous Concerto for Oboe in C Major, formerly attributed to Franz Joseph Haydn, it is said that musicologists have pointed out the parallels to some concertos by Bohemian composer Leopold Kozeluch, but the piece has yet to be definitively attributed to a particular composer.

My collection includes the following work possibly written by Kozeluch:

(Oboe) Concerto for Oboe in CM, Hob VIIg, no. C1.

—material selected, adapted, and edited from several different sources


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