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a humorous homeschooling story

Leo Heska is a homeschooling father here in Illinois. I don’t know him, but he posts frequently on many of the various homeschooling e-mail lists in the state. He recently posted this humorous homeschooling story.


We limit our interactions with the public school system; only minimally and occasionally treading on their turf.

This morning we got an amusing surprise. My son recently qualified to participate in a regional event of the Illinois Music Educators
Association (IMEA). He did so, formally, as part of the local
(Batavia/BHS) high school’s contingent, which allows homeschoolers.

I dropped him off, as directed by BHS, on time et cetera, only to get a phone call from him saying “Come back to pick me up – they won’t let me ride their bus.” Some official denied him bus passage, citing his homeschool status and “liability” concerns.

I turned around, picked him up, and we had a good laugh and chat about it, while enjoying our short drive to the East Aurora High School. He’d been concerned that he wouldn’t know anyone on the bus (though it turns out he met a gal he knows quite well right at the BHS door). BHS solved that problem quite effectively – no need to feel any discomfort on the bus, ’cause we won’t let you get on it!

It amuses me that they’re willing to make use of my son’s musicianship to strengthen their contingent (he’s a good violinist), but they won’t give him a ride on their bus. Various analogies come to mind, such as servants deigned admittance only through the back door.

Pastor Warren speaks of the “purpose-driven life.” I like to think of homeschooling in part as the “B.S. – free life.”

We are so very fortunate, and I am so happy, to be able to homeschool our children/families!



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