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Omega One Room School, Marion County, IL

The Omega One Room School. The village of Omega is the seat of Omega Township in Marion County, IL, and is located east of the county seat of Salem. The original Omega One Room School, located on Omega Rd., was built in 1856. It was a frame building 24 X 28 feet in size. William Duncan and Katie Elder are thought to have been the first teachers. In 1891 the original building was replaced by a newer building. The school board of Wm. Southward, R. M. Schooley, and J. W. Arnold met and awarded the contract for the new building to N. B. Turner at a cost of $514.00 plus $ 10.00 for the belfry. Later seats and desks were bought for $45.00. The first to teach in the new building was Mrs. Wise at $30.00 per month for five months. This building was used as a school until the rural schools were consolidated. It has served since that time as the Omega Township Building. Efforts continue to restore the Omega One Room School.


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