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Old Schoolhouse, Webster, ND

Webster ND school house

The old Webster, ND, school house, near Fargo closed in 1970 and sat empty for a number of years.  Thomas and Sarah Webster, who live in Tennessee, bought the building in 1998 and began a beautiful restoration project to refurbish it fully in honor Tom’s father, R. Lyle Webster, a Webster native who attended the school as a child.  The family’s ancestry dates back to William Webster, who homesteaded three miles west of Webster in 1883. The Websters use the former school as a seasonal home and share it with family and friends, especially in the fall during duck and geese hunting seasons.  The Websters’ efforts to maintain the school’s historic integrity were recognized by Preservation North Dakota in 2003, when the school was awarded the North Dakota Preservation Success Story. The August, 2006, issue of Prairie Business had an article about the school.



Webster ND school house


10 thoughts on “Old Schoolhouse, Webster, ND

  1. I noticed that the entry (front doors and transom) of your Webster Schoolhouse residence and the entry for the old school at Southam are possibly the same. Did you restore your house using Southam’s doorway?

  2. My grandfather taught there around 1910 or so. I have his old trunk in which he sketched his name And “Webster, ND”

  3. Actually my grandfather was superintendent there in 1919-1920. I found a copy of the history book online:) Adolph A Herseth. I wonder where the teachers lived while there for a short period?

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