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Girl Scout Cookies, anyone?

I hate to pick on the Girl Scouts, but the following message came from  RNC For Life:

February 11, 2013

It’s Time NOT to Buy Girl Scout Cookies Again!

Girl Scouts


Hard as it is to say “No, thank you” to a cute little Brownie Scout, pro-lifers really need to NOT buy those cookies, the major fundraiser for the Girl Scouts USA, an organization who partners with pro-abortion organizations such as Planned Parenthood. As a co-founder and current member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), GSUSA apparently approves of the Association, whose programs aggressively promote abortion and comprehensive sexuality education and train girls to “talk about sex,” and which partners with pro-abortion organizations like International Planned Parenthood (IPPF) and the World YWCA.

Click here to see where the explicit and controversial “Healthy, Happy and Hot” booklet is prominently displayed on the website of WAGGGS partner, the World YWCA.

No wonder so many churches are rethinking their sponsorship of Girl Scout troops (just as they are now rethinking their sponsorship of Boy Scouts if the BSA decides to admit homosexuals as leaders at their May meeting). Many concerned parents are choosing a traditional values-based alternative for their daughters, American Heritage Girls. And they also are baking their cookies at home or buying them at the local bakery or supermarket.



3 thoughts on “Girl Scout Cookies, anyone?

  1. I get your point, but how would a church feel if people said “well we won’t support your orginization because your religious.” homosexuals are people too. yes abortion is wrong but you should still treat them as people.

    • First of all, no one is suggesting that we should “not treat them as people.” In spite of what some people mistakenly think, Christians do not propose rounding up all abortionists and homosexuals and sending them to the gas chambers. At the same time, faithful churches would not even expect abortionists and homosexuals to support their work. Loving people requires that a church teach the truth, and the truth of God’s word is that abortion is wrong, as you yourself admit, and that homosexuality is a sin. And just as we would not expect abortionists and homosexuals to “support your organization because your [I think you mean you’re] religious,” and they obviously disagree with us, so we choose not to support organizations that endorse and promote abortion and homosexuality because we obviously disagree with them.

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