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Union School Interpretative Center, Weldon Springs State Park, Clinton, IL

Old School House

     The Union School Interpretive Center is located in Weldon Springs State Park, 4734 Weldon Springs Rd., Clinton, IL 61727 (217-935-0373).  The Interpretive program at Weldon Springs State Park is based at the Union School Interpretive Center on the south side of the park.  The Visitor Center includes a restored one-room school and a restored township hall, both bursting at the seams with historical and natural science displays and exhibits with a “please touch” philosophy. Union School was built in 1865 and named in honor of Union soldiers returning from the Civil War. This tiny school served the students of Logan County for more than 80 years. Upon its closing in 1946, the old schoolhouse was used for a time as a private dwelling and then sat unused for a spell.  Originally located two miles north of Chestnut, IL, in a grove of oak trees, the building was donated in 1986 to Weldon Springs Foundation, Inc., by the family of George W. Bunn, Jr., and moved to its new home on the restored prairie plot at Weldon Springs in June of 1988. With funds donated by the citizens of DeWitt County, volunteer labor, and the help and support of park staff, the building was restored and equipped to encourage school classes to relocate for a day at the park.  Inside, displays depict life in a one-room school, the history of Union School, and the history of the park. A collection of taxidermist-mounted animals and a “please touch” philosophy allows visitors to discover how a beaver cuts down trees, whether a squirrel’s tail is as soft as it looks, and how a badger digs a den.  The classroom at Union School allows environmental and local history programs throughout the school year. The visitor center is open Saturdays and Sundays from Memorial Day to Labor Day and other times as the interpreter is available.




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