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Home School Book Review

You are invited to check out our sister blog, Home School Book Review ( http://homeschoolblogger.com/homeschoolbookreview/ ) every day.   Books, primarily for children and teens, are reviewed from a Biblical worldview.  A new book is added nearly every day.  You can use the search feature to check for specific titles or favorite authors and also browse different categories of books.

Some of the books that we are reading right now and will appear on HSBR in the near future are Heidi St. John’s The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Daylight, Alan N. Kay’s Off to Fight (#3 in “Young Heroes of History”), Allen French’s The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow, Tui T. Sutherland’s The Dragonet Prophecy (#1 in the new “Wings of Fire” series), Christopher Paul Curtis’s Newbery Award winning Bud, Not Buddy, and Isabella Mcdonald Alden’s The Prince of Peace or The Beautiful Life of Jesus: A Life of Christ by Pansy.

Books reviewed this past November include the following:

Nov 29th, 2012: Orphan Train West Collection

Nov 28th, 2012: The Hatmaker’s Sign: A Story by Benjamin Franklin

Nov 27th, 2012: A Drake A. Halifax Chronicle: When Darkness Falls

Nov 26th, 2012: The Giver

Nov 25th, 2012: Knights of the Round Table

Nov 24th, 2012: Gettysburg

Nov 20th, 2012: The Adventures of Charlie Pierce, Volume 3: The Last Calusa

Nov 15th, 2012: Twelve Bright Trumpets

Nov 14th, 2012: Smoky the Cowhorse

Nov 13th, 2012: War Horse

Nov 12th, 2012: Game Changers: Book 1

Nov 6th, 2012: The Extralife Chronicles: The Slayer and the Ruin-er

Nov 5th, 2012: Save the Lemmings

Each month we give a “Book of the Month” Award.  For November, 2012, the prize goes to:

Twelve Bright Trumpets

Twelve Bright Trumpets by Margaret Leighton (published by American Home School Publishing).  The runners-up were The Orphan Train West Collection by Jane Peart, The Last Calusa by Harvey Oyer, and Game Changers (Book 1) by Mike Lupica.  Happy Reading!


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