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Former school, Marshall, Ohio, in Highland County

     The town of Marshall in Highland County, OH, located eight miles southeast of Hillsboro, was platted as West Liberty in 1817, with the name changed to Marshall in 1836.  A one-room school was located in the area from the time of the first settlers and was located on the same spot where later Marshall schools stood.  Around 1875, a larger one-room brick school was built on the site. A second room was added around 1890. In those days, high school students had to finish their education at Hillsboro or Greenfield.  In 1919, the old two-room brick building was demolished and a new four-room frame building was built on the present site. A year later, four new high schools were opened in Highland County at Marshall, Sinking Spring, Belfast, and Samantha. They all opened as two-year high schools, meaning students could complete their first two years of high school there, but still had to transfer to one of the larger schools for their high school diploma.  A couple years later, those four schools became three-year high schools. Students received a diploma when they completed their junior year, then received another diploma if they completed 12th grade at Hillsboro or Greenfield.   With more students, more class space was needed, so three more rooms were added to the rear of the Marshall building. Those rooms later became the cafeteria, industrial arts room, and fifth- and sixth-grade classrooms.   In 1926, Marshall was finally certified as a “first grade” high school, meaning students could complete all 12 years at the school.  In 1931 a separate gym was erected.  The Marshall community lost its school after the 1959-60 school year when the district merged with Hillsboro, which started using it for its sixth-grade classes in 1970.  Finally, the school closed to students in 2004 when it was turned over to the Marshall Township Trustees.  Township trustee Tim Sheeley said the building had not been used for several years. He said it had been broken into for copper and wiring, and it was just no longer feasible to maintain, so it was demolished at the end of 2011, with the remnants burned.  The gym will be preserved and continue to be used as a community center, according to Sheeley.  Harold Spargur was the last superintendent at Marshall, and he was my sophomore high school world history teacher.



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