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The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Oct., 2012

The October, 2012, issue of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is now live!


It contains an article by me entitled “How Should We Then Teach?”


The entire issue is free to read!  You can also read the magazine on your mobile devices by downloading the free apps at


Here are some other features from the Oct. issue:

When homeschooling is harder than you ever thought it could be, how do you keep going? With eight kids, six in school ranging from kindergarten to high school, Renita Bentz knows she can’t homeschool without the Lord’s help, and neither can you. Though you can’t plan for hardship, Kendra Fletcher shares how to school when life is hard.

Do all children read and write fluently by second grade? No! If you have a struggling reader, Kathy Reynolds provides guidance for you while your late-bloomer learns to read. Willemien Kruger shares the five stages of learning to read and reassures you that teaching reading isn’t difficult; it just takes a little time. Cathy Diez-Luckie provides tips for reading aloud and sharing great literature with your entire family. Hans Dekkers explains how to find a learn-to-read approach that matches your child’s unique neurological wiring. Melanie Young and Samuel Adams Young, a mother-son team, reveal how to survive the struggle to read.

Can you create a science lab at home? Certainly! Tamara Van Hooser lists ten ways to turn your kitchen into a science lab with edible experiments and mad scientist recipes. Andy Harris shares about a free resource to use to build a virtual science lab.

Are you struggling to teach a special learner or a child with a learning glitch? Melissa Cassulis will help you rejoice in the adventures and challenges of homeschooling a child with special needs. Pat Knepley outlines a fun art project for the exceptional child. Sheila Campbell discusses how to teach children to respect differences and handicaps and how to turn self-pity into gratitude. Anne-Marie Jordan reveals how dyslexia can be treated with vision therapy. Dianne Craft examines two ways to mitigate learning disabilities.

Do you love unit studies? Dr. Mary Hood suggests spicing up your curriculum with the project method. Make learning a whole family affair as you work to complete a project together.

Looking for teaching resources for the election? Lynn Schott explains why the Founding Fathers created the Electoral College and why we still need it. Learn who really elects the President as Bryan T. Calvin shares the ins and outs of the Electoral College. Explore the role of politics and lobbying with Antony Kolenc.

Christmas, already? Malia Russell will help you get organized so that when the holidays roll around you can focus on the “thanks” in Thanksgiving, and when Christmas arrives, you can celebrate the Christ in Christmas.


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