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Rockville Academy, Rockville, MD

The Former Rockville Academy Photo, Click for full size

     In 1805, the Maryland General Assembly appointed a commission to raise money for a school lot and a fire engine for Rockville. The Rockville Academy was chartered and authorized to hire teachers in 1809. In 1812 and 1813, a number of lots were purchased between Adams Street and Jefferson Street, and construction of the original rectangular brick Federal style building was completed in 1813.  The academy was one of two secondary schools in the county.  Rockville Academy continued in the original building until 1890 when it was replaced by the present Queen Anne design style school. From 1917 to 1935, it housed the Rockville public elementary school for grades 1-3 and later, the Library Association. The building was vacant, deteriorated, and threatened with demolition when it was purchased and renovated for office use in 1980. The City of Rockville purchased the surrounding land with Project Open Space funds for a public park. 



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