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Rockville Academy, Putnam County, Eatonton, GA

     Rockville Academy Schoolhouse, P. O. Box 4214, Eatonton, GA  31024, in Putnam County.  Built in 1889, Rockville Academy in Eatonton, GA, was the first vocational school in the state, offering domestic science classes to female students to teach them to cook plain, everyday food and sew practical clothing, manual work classes in which boys constructed bookcases, magazine racks, chairs, and porch swings, and academic classes in mathematics, reading, penmanship, geography, history, and spelling.  There were 65 students enrolled during the school’s first year.  Located southeast of Atlanta in Putnum County, the school was closed in 1943 due to decreased enrollment and stood empty and neglected until restoration began in 1991. The building was posted to the National Register of Historic Places on November 19, 2002.  Local residents held barbeques and letter writing campaigns to raise funds for the restoration project.  According to latest reports, the building is still standing but is in very poor condition.  Apparently, some kind of tax-exempt charitable organization was founded several years ago to restore it, but according to records its 501-C-3status has been revoked, so it must no longer be in operation.  The upstairs featured a large auditorium and downstairs there were classrooms.  At one time, the academy was open for tours and community activities.




Here are a couple of old pictures of the Academy  ca. 1900-1910:


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