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The Old Britannia Schoolhouse, Toronto Twp., Peel Co., Ontario, Canada

     The Old Britannia Schoolhouse, formerly known as the School Section # 12 (S.S.#12) Toronto Township school, welcomed generations of children from 1852 when the one room brick building was constructed as a Common School, replacing an earlier wooden school built in the 1830’s which had fallen into poor repair, until 1959 when it finally closed its doors. When it was built the schoolhouse was surrounded by farms and small villages in the Township of Toronto, County of Peel in the province of Ontario. Hurontario Street (Highway 10) was a rough country road running past the front door. By the time the schoolhouse closed, Hurontario Street was a paved road and urban growth was beginning to move northward from the town of Cooksville. Today the city of Mississauga surrounds the old schoolhouse, planes fly overhead on their way to and from Pearson International Airport and the quiet country road is a major four lane highway. But still the schoolhouse survives. It is now a designated historic site.  After years of neglect, the Peel Board of Education gave permission in 1971 for the Britannia Restoration Club, an organization of students and teachers at Streetsville Secondary School, to restore the building and established The Old Britannia Schoolhouse as a living history site.  Now throughout the school year a different group of students comes each day to experience what a day at school would have been like long ago.

http://www.britanniaschoolhousefriends.org/ , http://www.britanniaschoolhousefriends.org/index.html


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