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So, your child wants his or her own Facebook account and cell phone

     Here is a story, as reported by our local radio station WJBD, that took place right here in safe, rural Marion County, IL.  The building of the church where I preach is about three miles south of the school where the alleged incident took place–we pass it on our way every time we go to Bible study and worship.

Facebook And Texting Allegedly Used By Rural Kell Man To Arrange Sexual Encounter With 13-Year-Old Girl
3/29/12 @ 9:59:06 am
Paul Anderson

A 19-year-old rural Kell man has been arrested for alleged indecent solicitation of a child and aggravated criminal sexual abuse.  Paul Anderson of Charlton Road is accused of committing a sexual act with a 13-year-old Iuka girl who he allegedly propositioned on Facebook and through text messages.  

Iuka Police Chief Kevin Cripps says the girl allegedly slipped out of her home and met Anderson on the parking lot of the Iuka Grade School early Wednesday morning.  The alleged sexual abuse occurred in Anderson’s truck.  Anderson reportedly asked the girl to be his friend on Facebook in the last week and the conversation developed from there. 

Cripps said the incident was reported to the sheriff’s department after family members learned what had happened.  Anderson was arrested after he was picked up at his home and brought to the sheriff’s department for questioning.  He allegedly confessed to committing the acts of sexual abuse.  Iuka Police report the investigation is continuing. 

Meanwhile, Cripps says he cannot indicate how important it is for parents to get involved with monitoring their children’s Facebook and texting activity.  He notes sexual solicitations are becoming a more common problem.


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