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Lincoln School Museum, Martinsville, IL

     The Lincoln School Museum is a restored 1880’s one-room brick school located one mile north of Martinsville, Clark County in Illinois on a spur of the National Road. It is just off the I/70 exit and easily accessible to the traveling public as well as local residents.  It stands on its original location and has been restored to its turn of the century charm strictly through private donations.  The building now serves as a living history museum for area school students.  The Lincoln School, District 3, Martinsville Township, Clark County, District 27, existed as early as 1843.  The earlier wooden structure was replaced by a building erected about 1888 from soft, mud type brick made by Harold Gallatin, a local resident.  The building is done in the Italianate architectural style and mortared in an English Bond and is representative of the brick construction of one-room schools built during the 1880’s.  It served as a school until 1950 when consolidation of schools in Clark County forced its closing.  For the next 36 years, the building was used for storage.  In the fall of 1986, Mrs. Tressie Morgan Nale-Povic, a former student and teacher in the one-room schoolhouse system, began a campaign to save the Lincoln School.  She involved the Martinsville Chamber of Commerce, which agreed to restore the building to serve as a one-room school museum for the local community.  With Mrs. Nale-Povic’s promise of substantial financial backing, the Chamber began the project under the direction of Carolyn “Lynn” Kelley, and the reconstruction became a community effort.  Since 1988 the school has been open at regular hours, and various special events are held.  The building gives today’s students a glimpse of the past and the type of education that served the rural children of the early 20th century.  It is located at 6252 E. 1700th Rd., Martinsville, IL 62442, 1/4 mile north of I/70.



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