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Maple Grove School, Landis Valley Museum, Lancaster, PA

Maple Grove School at Landis Valley in Pennsylvania. 

     The Landis Valley Museum, 2451 Kissel Hill Rd., Lancaster, PA 17601(717/569-0401), a living history village and farm, collects, preserves and interprets the history and material culture of the Pennsylvania German rural community from 1740 to 1940 and enhances understanding of their successful practices, interactions with others, and the impact on the state and nation for citizens of and visitors to the Commonwealth.  When brothers Henry Kinzer Landis (1865-1955) and George Diller Landis (1867 – 1954) opened the museum in 1925 at their Landis Valley residence, the area had been a small Pennsylvania German settlement since the mid 1800s.   The authentic one-room Maple Grove schoolhouse was built at Leola, PA, in 1890.  It was relocated in 1970 from its original site and restored.  The schoolhouse is complete with authentic furnishings.  A schoolmarm in period costume will give students lessons from the late 1800’s in subjects such as arithmetic, spelling, and reading geared to children in 2nd through 8th grades.




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