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historic sites in Illinois

     This past week, while driving from Salem, IL, where we live, to pick up our older son in Macomb, IL, where he was visiting some friends, I passed three locations, all just northwest of Springfield, which had some things which I thought would be interesting to see, since we enjoy visiting historic sites, especially those smaller ones that are somewhat out of the way.  I didn’t have time to stop and investigate them, but I did some searching on the Internet to find more information about them.

     The first is the “Historic Clayville Stagecoach Stop,” also known as the Clayville Historic Site, on IL St. Hwy. 125, just outside of Pleasant Plains, IL.

     The second is the “Allandale House Historic Site,” also known as the Cunningham House on the Andrew Cunningham Farm, off IL St. Hwy. 125, just outside of Virginia, IL.

     The third is the “Lincoln Almanac Courtroom” in the city of Beardstown, IL, where IL St. Hwy. 125 runs into U. S. Hwy. 67.

     I’ll start telling you more about them beginning tomorrow.


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