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Pomona Natural Bridge, Shawnee National Forest, IL

     After Jeremy and I finished the trail at the Little Grand Canyon, we ate a picnic lunch and headed for the Pomona Natural Bridge.

Natural Land Bridge - Shawnee National Forest, Southern Illinois

 The the hiking trail to the Pomona Natural Bridge  is easily identified with its gravel cover and small blue sign.  The trail begins to slope downward immediately after it begins at a moderate rate .  Not more than a quarter mile into the hike, the path comes to a fork.   Going right at the fork and traveling around a 100 yards you will see some railings twisting right where the first glimpse of the Natural Bridge come into view.   Following this trail on around it will come out on the high side of the bridge.   The trail makes a complete loop that is around 1/3 of mile long starting and ending at the fork.  The bridge is about 90 feet long and a little over 8 feet wide at its widest point.   It begins about 30 feet in the air and slopes slightly downward  to around 20-25 feet at the other end, being made entirely of sandstone.  There is also  a very shallow cave just a few yards downstream of the bridge.  

Pomona Natural Bridge - Pomona, Illinois, Shawnee National Forest

     For more information about the Pomona Natural Bridge, you can check the

following websites:



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