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Bethel One Room Schoolhouse, Lebanon, OH

Bethel One-Room School House, Lebanon, OH, north of Cincinnati. 

     The Bethel School House was built in 1876 and is located on Hamilton Road near Lebanon, OH.  Apparently it is sitting vacant, but a local realtor wrote of it, “Don’t you just love to see these old one room schoolhouses still standing?  In all their beautiful architectural simplicity.  The Cincinnati area is blessed with lots of them.  This one is my favorite….Isn’t she beautiful perched up there on the hill?  I’d love to convert one of these into a house–especially this one.”  Lebanon is the seat of Warren County and is about 25-30 miles south of Dayton, where we lived for fifteen years and began our homeschooling journey.  There are many interesting sites to see in and around Lebanon, including the Glendower House Museum, the I & O Scenic Railroad, the Golden Lamb which is Ohio’s oldest continuously operating inn, and Fort Ancient Indian earthworks.


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