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Intercourse Pretzel Factory, Intercourse, PA

     On Tuesday morning, before leaving Lancaster County for Hershey, we stopped by the Intercourse Pretzel Factory in the Cross Keys Village Center, 3614 Old Philadelphia Pike, Intercourse, PA  17534 (717/768-3432; www.intercoursepretzelfactory.com ).  Established in 1995, this factory has a top production of 600 pounds per week.  Their pretzels aren’t found in grocery stores because they’re a small factory making specialty pretzels for sale in their store only.  Their free 15-20 minute tour explains the pretzel making process and includes the opportunity to learn how to twist a pretzel.  Their own pretzels come in both hard and soft, and in addition to plain they have herb, cheese, and brown butter flavored, and chocolate and molasses-caramel covered.  These are available for sale over the Internet too.  The store also sells a broad assortment of regional pretzels.  The place doesn’t look like a factory because it’s in a unique shopping center with other stores such as Dolly Bodacious.  There are other pretzel factories in the area, but this is one of the few, if perhaps the only one, where all the pretzels are still made by hand.

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