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Mennonite Information Center, Lancaster, PA

     The last stop on our Monday itinerary at Lancaster, PA, was the Biblical Tabernacle Reproduction at the Mennonite Information Center, 2209 Millstream Rd., Lancaster, PA  17602 (717/299-0954; www.mennoniteinfoctr.com ).  As I understand it, the reproduction was first done by a Baptist minister somewhere south, but it was decided to put in on permanent display at the Mennonite Information Center in Lancaster.  The Information Center also has a couple of movies, “Who are the Amish” and “Postcards from a Heritage of Faith,” but we were too late to see either of them.  We got there just in time for the last tour of the Tabernacle.  In addition, there are exhibits of Amish and Mennonite lifestyles and audio/visual stories of Amish and Mennonite history.  And they offer Amish Country Private Car Tours too.  Right next door, in a building that looks almost identical to the Information Center, is a Mennonite Museum operated by the Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, but, again, we were too late to get into it.

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