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Peter Wentz Farmstead, Worcester, PA

     Saturday afternoon, on our way back from Valley Forge, we stopped at the Peter Wenz Farmstead, 2100 Schultz Rd., Worcester, PA  19490 (610-548-5104; www.peterwentzfarmsteadsociety.org and www.historicsites.montcopa.org ).  Peter and Rosanna Wentz began farming on this location in 1744.  By 1758, they had completed a large, Georgian style stone house that demonstrated their German heritage and their wealth as a successful farming family.  The farmstead served as temporary headquarters for General George Washington during Oct., 1777, while he was planning the battles of Brandywine and Germantown.

Farmstead Photo

     The Wentzes sold the property in 1784 to Devault Bieber, a distant relative through marriage, who then sold it in 1794 to a Schwenkfelder minister, Melchior Schultz and his family.  Descendants of the Schultz family lived here until 1969 when the property was purchased by the County of Montgomery.  The house has been restored to its 18th century appearance, with reconstructed outbuildings, garden, and livestock reflecting its Pennsylvania German culture and practices.   Guided tours are available, and there is a gift shop in the carriage house.


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