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Jennie Wade Home and Museum, Gettysburg, PA


     After leaving the Hall of Presidents and First Ladies, we went down the street to the Jennie Wade House and Museum at 548 Baltimore St., Gettysburg, PA (717/334-4100; www.jennie-wade-house.com/ , http: july1863.homestead.com/jenniewade.html , www.GettysburgBattlefieldTours.com ).  The Battle of Gettysburg began on July 1 and continued through the 4th.  On July 3, Mary Virginia (Jennie) Wade, a girl of 20, was the only civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg.  She was staying with her sister, Georgia Anna (Mrs.  John Louis) McClellan, who had just had a baby, in the half of the old McClain house which her sister’s family rented, and was behind an open door bending over a bread trough while kneading dough for the Union Infantry when a stray Confederate bullet went through the outer kitchen door and then through the open door in front of Jennie, striking her in the back.  The bullet holes can still be seen.  Jennie’s body was placed in the cellar and the family maintained its vigil there until it was safe to come out on July 4th.  And there is a surprise “rest of the story” ending involving Jennie’s fiancé Union Corporal Johnston H. (Jack) Skelly and a mutual childhood friend.


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