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more on the Food Nazis

     On TownHall.com this morning, Marybeth Hicks had another article on the decision of a Chicago public school principal to forbid children from bringing their own lunches because, evidently, she believes that the nanny state knows what’s better for children than their own parents.  Apparently, this has been going on for six years, and nobody has said much about it until now when a group of students and parents have finally started questioning it.

      The article, titled “Menu is Mandated at the Nanny Cafe,” begins,  “The school lunch debate took center stage this week with a Chicago Tribune story about a public school on the city’s West Side that prohibits children from bringing lunches from home.”

     Marybeth rightly noted, “It’s not the role of a public school principal to decree what her students may and may not eat. In fact, even the less-stringent policies convey a growing and disturbing trend among educators and others toward meddling in parents’ decisions.”

     She contined that she was troubled by “the underlying belief that prompts such policies — that some parents simply are incapable of making wise decisions on behalf of their children, even about what to feed them for lunch.”

     She concluded, “Ah, but the road to tyranny is paved with good intentions. The folks who advocate such mandated programs always pitch what sounds like an irrefutable argument: The school (read: government) must step in for our children’s health and wellness.  Today, it’s required school lunches and body-fat analyses in countless school districts. Tomorrow, who knows what parental rights will be usurped in the name of healthy children?  In a free society, the most we can do is teach and encourage parents to make healthy and wise choices on behalf of their children. Information, “peer pressure” and a healthy school community will do far more to influence parents’ behavior than forced solutions from the powers that be.  Anyway, disempowering parents simply won’t work. As the students at Little Village Academy know too well, when it comes to feeding our nation’s children, the “Nanny Cafe” doesn’t come close to homemade.”

     You can read the entire article at:


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