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Schoolhouse, Dauphin Island, Alabama

This “Little Red Schoolhouse” is actually Dauphin Island Elementary School near the public beach of Dauphin Island, Alabama. Dauphin Island School house is a unique place in Mobile County, but not just because of its beach location. It is the smallest school in the district with only 68 students in K-6. The facility is also unique in that it still resembles the one or two room schools common in the early 20th century. The wood-frame main building was constructed in 1930 further east on the island and consisted of two classrooms, a hallway, and an auditorium. It was moved to the present location around 1954. Recently renovated and freshly painted, it consists of three classrooms, office space, teacher resource room, and first aid room. The All-Purpose-Room was added to the back of the main building in 1991 and serves as lunch room, meeting room, auditorium, etc. Two portable buildings, a classroom and library, are also recent additions to the campus. A covered picnic area is located just outside the All-Purpose-Room.


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