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Creation versus Evolution material

Creation versus Evolution Material–Fun, Edifying and Convincing

     Have you really taken the time to get informed regarding evidence that supports Judeo-Christian history and biblical writings? Often such reading is technical and boring. Fortunately, material is now available that is easy to understand and a delight to absorb. Dr. Don Patton (member of the church of Christ) has produced a set of videos that are outstanding. They are suitable for personal or class use. I have presented them in class and then followed with review questions and observations that generate lively and productive discussion.

     These videos can be obtained via DVD for a nominal fee, or a lower definition version may be downloaded at no cost. There are 15 DVDs that contain 23 parts or presentations. The theory of evolution is smashed from every angle and exposed as bad science, deceptive and false. Anyone who is honest cannot watch these videos without building or strengthening his faith that God exists and that the Bible was written by inspiration. The material is well documented, well presented and powerful. It even contains several successful attempts at humor. The average person will learn much from each of the presentations, some of which will simply amaze you.

     Some may object to this material being presented in a class or in the assembly—mainly because it is different from traditional Bible study and they do not understand that part of the Christian’s training should be to learn of the evidences for the faith (not just internal evidences) that equip us to exhort, convince and convert evolutionists and other unbelievers. Among the teachings of Dr. Patton you will find convincing evidence of the age of the earth, that dinosaurs coexisted with man, and that Noah’s Ark not only is not a myth but actually exists. You will also see an interchange between Dr. Patton and a professor at McMaster University and much more. To obtain the valuable information described above click on the following link: http://www.bible.ca/tracks/videos-quotes.htm

     (Note:  I received the above e-mail on a Bible study e-mail list.  Don Patton is a good friend of ours and an excellent speaker when it comes to the subject of evolution vs. creation.)


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