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“Christian” materials that undermine the Bible

     There are many good science curricula available for homeschool families that want a creationist approach.  We primarily used A Beka, which is good, for elementary school years and Apologia, which is excellent, for junior-senior high school years, with a few other things thrown in.  Beginnings Publishing’s (including The Rainbow) curriculum is also highly recommended.  However, there are some “fakes” out there too.

     Our good friend David Pratte, a gospel preacher and homeschooling father whose children have all graduated from homeschool, sent the following information.

     Below I have quoted excerpts from an article from Acts and Facts, October, 2010, written by Henry Morris III, published by the Institute for Creation Research. It warns about materials published for homeschoolers by a group named BioLogos . They purport to be “Christian” but actually promote Theistic evolution and undermine faith in the accuracy of the Bible. Here is the quote:

     Founded by Francis Collins with funding from the Templeton Foundation, the BioLogos Forum has become a widely followed website. Its president, Darrel Falk, and vice president, Karl Giberson, and their associates are avid evolutionists and strong opponents of biblical inerrancy. Although many of their advocates insist that they believe in the “historic Christian faith,” a quick perusal of their website reveals such statements as “in what sense can we say with a straight face that Scripture is God’s word?”
     This forum would be not much more than a place for anti-creationist and anti-inerrant proponents to sound off if it were not for BioLogos’ aggressive efforts to “train” pastors and “help” students and teachers come to harmony between faith and evolutionary science. The BioLogos Forum is a co-sponsor of The Vibrant Dance of Faith and Science, a series of seminars and a growing forum for “conversations” about the compatibility of evolutionary science with biblical faith. Peter Enns, fired from Westminster Theological Seminary in 2008 for his heretical views on Scripture, is now a major contributor on BioLogos and is working on a new Bible curriculum, “Telling God’s Story,” to be marketed among homeschool children. The influence of theistic evolution and anti-inerrant thinking is gaining a broader hearing among evangelicals.

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