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“Are Our Kids Missing Out?”

     Our friends the Lewis Family (Frank & Kari, Matthew & Lisa, and Jonathan) who publish Home School Enrichment magazine recently shared the following which I thought that I would pass on to the readers of this weblog.

Are our kids missing out?

     Have you ever felt like your children are “missing out” by being homeschooled? Or, perhaps that you’re not able to give them the same opportunities they might have in an institutional school setting?

     We have been asked this question many times over the years, most recently by a public school administrator. And, on every occasion, our answer has always remained more or less the same – namely, another question:

     What, exactly, are our children missing out on?

     The truth is, every path we take in life results in missing out on what other paths have to offer. Just as refusing to drink and drive may result in a teenager missing out on a serious car accident, so refusing to place our children in an institutionalized school can help them miss out on negative peer pressure, bullying, humanistic teaching, and an obligation to fit in to a one-size-fits-all approach to education, which fits nobody very well.

     On the other hand, public school students miss out on sound, Biblical teaching, a warm, caring family life, the joy of watching younger siblings grow up, a customized education experience, the opportunity to learn at their own pace, the family relationships that can only be had in a homeschool setting, and the time, love, attention and understanding that only a parent can provide.

     Are our kids missing out? Yes – on a whole lot of bad things. And in return, we all sure get to enjoy some really great blessings!

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