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the recent elections

     My father passed away at the beginning of September, and I have been so tied up with taking care of that and all of its ramifications that I have not been posting very much to this blog.

     I was very interested in the elections earlier this month for U.S. Senators, Congressional Representatives, state governors, and even state legislatures.  There were some disappointments, but there was still a lot for conservatives to be thankful for.

     The following information came in an e-mail from Home School Legal Defense Association, but I failed to keep that.  However, it was resent to me by my friend Lori Drieger.

     “Some of the candidates who won on Tuesday are homeschooling parents. They include Daniel Webster (Florida), Stephen Fincher (Tennessee), Randy Hultgren (Indiana), Michele Bachmann (Minnesota), Tim Huelskamp (Kansas), John Koster (Washington), Scott Rigell (Virginia), and Tim Walberg (Michigan).

     “The homeschooler who was elected to Congress is Jaime Herrera (Washington). She was homeschooled during most of her education, making her the first member of Congress in recent memory who was homeschooled.”

     I pray that God will use these and other good people elected to accomplish His will.

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