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Minnesota Homeschoolers Lobby Legislators to Challenge Obamacare

     You might be interested in this item from the Eagle Forum’s May 2010 Education Reporter.

     Each year, a group of Minnesota homeschool students gathers weekly at a church in Roseville, Minnesota to research, discuss, and draft mock legislative resolutions for four public policy issues. Since the students choose topics for the Student Senate class, the 14- to 18-year-olds always pick subjects that interest them; this year they delved into modern slavery, nuclear power and the American war on terror.

     Last month they decided their fourth topic, health care, merited more than just academic inquiry.

     “After the health care bill passed, we were all sort of outraged, not only at the content of the bill, but the way it was passed, and just the machinations and the back room deals and all that,” explained Student Senator Fletcher Warren, age 18, in a radio interview with Sue Jeffers. “So we decided that we should do what we could . . . We wrote out this resolution . . . detailing our concerns, such as the unconstitutionality of it.violating the commerce clause, etc.”

     The resolution calls upon Minnesota’s governor, attorney general, and the state legislature to seek an injunction that would relieve the state of having to comply with newly enacted national healthcare legislation.

     On April 6th, the 32 students comprising the class gathered at the St. Paul statehouse to hand-deliver letters and copies of the signed resolution to Minnesota legislators.

     The students were able to meet with four representatives and two senators, all of whom welcomed their young constituents.

     Warren served as chairman of the healthcare committee for the class and was pleased with the way legislators received the student delegation and their message. “The [state legislators] were all quite friendly and quite pleased to take [the resolution],” he said, describing the experience as “overwhelmingly positive.”


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